Living labs

In Zaragoza and in Dublin will provide two representative pilot sites that will ensure the project replicability and sustainability in different urban policy frameworks.

Urban Performance Via
Urban Living Lab (ULL) Cases

The project will be validated in real environments considering
the PDSA cycle approach (Plan-Do-Study-Act) among the relevant stakeholders.


The first reference scenario is defined taking into account the main users, stakeholders, project development and application cases.


Real-life implementation where Urban Living Lab test solutions are executed under real relevant environment.


Whether the results of the implementation are analysed based on more extensive data collection and on feedback from users.


Based on new decision‐making capability from the previous step, a decision is made on the continuation of the loop or on what amendments will be made in the new loop.

Thus, the validation will support further commercialisation,
through the establishment of business strategies for its implementation.

why Zaragoza and Dublin?

SENATOR solutions will be tested, readjusted, and improved to fit the changing real‐life environment at small scale within urban environment. For this validation, Zaragoza and Dublin have been selected considering the following features:

Cities are included as urban nodes and logistic platform in the context of TEN‐T policy

Zaragoza and Dublin are cities connected with other infrastructure modes for local and regional traffic

Cities have relevant logistics hubs: Zaragoza has PLAZA (1,300 ha), Dublin County area has been made huge investment in logistics hubs

Cities with SUL&MP: Zaragoza has PMUS (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan), and Dublin SUMP & SULP included in Dublin City Development Plan 2016‐2022

Cities promote citizen participative initiatives such as Open Urban Lab (Zaragoza) and Public Participation Network (Dublin)

Zaragoza has the citizen card (thanks to citizen profiling), it will be the tool to apply and test these policies

Central districts with business and retail activity: Zaragoza provides business activity focused on central market (at least 80 retailers), Dublin considers in 4 centre districts 200 retailers approximately. Both cities also include parking area and loading bays located in these districts

Experience in previous European projects related to Smart Cities initiatives. Zaragoza and Dublin also provide expertise in similar actions

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