the city

Inhabitants (source 2018)
Inhabitants in the metropolitan area
City area (sq km)


Key sustainability governance strategies:
PMUS (Urban Mobility Plan)


Citizen participative initiatives:
Open Urban Lab (Open data)

what does Zaragoza’s
pilot have to deal with?

1. A better regulation of public parking space dedicated to deliveries.

1. Allow drivers to book in advance the reserved parking spots for their deliveries

2. Allow city officials to control de use of those spaces

2. A better organization of last mile deliveries around public markets

1. Enhancing the business of the local retail owners by offering them the means to create and use online shopping platforms together, specially adapted to local customers.

2. Redesigning logistics around markets to promote sustainable deliveries and a better allocation of public space. This includes the installation of an intelligent infrastructure in markets to enable the implementation, testing and dissemination of different policies to address freight operations.

3. Develop strategic communication plan to involve the citizens in urban mobility projects and city planning.


Location: Central market (old district) and parking areas within neighbouring districts. Area affected by the ULL of ZGZ: 1.266m2

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