the city

Million inhabitants in the metropolitan area
City area (sq km)


Key sustainability governance strategies: SUMP & SULP in development within City strategy


Citizen participative initiatives:
Public Participation Network (PPN)

what does Dublin’s
pilot have to deal with?

1. Improve the liveability of the city and benefit users of the city centre by dealing with some specific problems, which include

1. Traffic congestion due to commercial vehicles

2. Inefficient use of loading bays and enforcement difficulties in loading bays 

3. Parking areas and inefficient use of commercial vehicles (e.g. half-full vans delivering around the city).

2. Increase awareness among the public (businesses and customers alike) regarding the environmental impact of delivery logistics in the city and the advantages of sustainable transport alternatives.


It is envisaged that the pilot will be trialled in several different city centre locations in a variety of activity zones (e.g. retail, residential and commercial). These locations include: the Docklands area, Temple Bar and Dame Street, Henry Street, Grafton Street.

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