An Post joins the EU project SENATOR for sustainable urban logistics

Dublin has been chosen as one of two pilot sites for SENATOR, the EU project that looks at integrating different actors into one platform to control and plan freight logistics in cities


An Post joins forces with other 10 European organisations to improve the quality of life in cities through a project focused on shared, integrated and sustainable urban logistics.

SENATOR project, funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme, is developing a smart network operator platform that aims to integrate city councils, users, transport operators and logistics operators & shippers.

The SENATOR platform will act as a ‘control tower’ which will add structure to freight logistics in cities.

Two European cities have been chosen to test this solution, that will act as “Urban Living Labs”: Dublin (Ireland) and Zaragoza (Spain).

An Post will be in charge of the development of the pilot case in Dublin, which will work on improving the liveability of the city, benefiting users of the city centre.

It is envisaged that the pilot will be trialled in several different city-centre locations in a variety of activity zones (e.g. retail, residential and commercial). These locations include the Docklands area, Temple Bar and Dame Street, and Grafton Street.

The project will deal with some specific problems, which include traffic congestion due to commercial vehicles, inefficient use of loading bays, enforcement difficulties in loading bays and parking areas and inefficient use of commercial vehicles (e.g., half-full vans delivering around the city).

The pilot will also increase awareness among the public (businesses and customers alike) regarding the environmental impact of delivery logistics in the city and the advantages of sustainable transport alternatives.

The objective is to combine existing demand and match it with the resources and infrastructure available to build a solution that is not just efficient but sustainable too.


The European Union is facing the need for sustainable urban development due to the expected demographic evolution in cities. In addition, the shift in consumer trends towards shared and connected services, e-commerce and better environmental conditions in cities require new approaches to improve this part of the supply chain.

The unresolved challenges of logistics in urban, metropolitan and peri-urban areas that SENATOR aims to solve are mainly the increasing demand for products by users/citizens, the increase in associated costs and the atomisation of the sector, the congestion caused by the distribution of goods in urban centres and the resulting environmental consequences.

The EU project SENATOR started in September 2020 to try to solve these challenges and will last 4 years. It is formed by an international consortium led by the Spanish Postal Operator Correos, that includes companies and institutions from five European countries: Spain (University of Deusto, Zaragoza City Council, Zabala Innovation Consulting, DotGIS), Ireland (Dublin City Council, University College Dublin, An Post, Germany (Software AG), United Kingdom (MDS Transmodal LTD.) and Italy (RINA-C Consulting).


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