Dublin City Council and logistics companies operating in the city meet at the SENATOR workshop

Representatives from logistics companies operating in Dublin and the city council met at the residence of the Lord Mayor in Dublin on Wednesday, May 11th.

The first stakeholder workshop was celebrated in the frame of the SENATOR project.

SENATOR is an EU funded project that aims to create a new urban logistics model focused on the four urban layers: end-receiver, transport, logistics and infrastructure.

The workshop focused on the collaboration between logistics companies and the government to make deliveries more efficient and sustainable in Dublin City Centre.

Together, they identified how SENATOR can ensure logistics companies work together and hand in hand with the city council as an important input for climate action planning for the city to transform deliveries in Dublin.

The closing remarks from the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Alison Gilliland echoed the aims of the SENATOR project and the need for collaboration for a better Dublin.

A new urban logistics model in Dublin

The e-commerce boom, combined with growing urban populations, has led to congestion on streets across the European Union.

SENATOR is an innovation project which aims to respond by reducing traffic, boosting delivery efficiencies and enhancing air quality.

The project will develop a smart network operator supported by an ICT Platform for integrated logistics operation.

This will allow the optimization of freight delivery services in urban areas, leading to a decrease in the number and distance of delivery routes through real-time information, predictions & planning optimization based on AI algorithms.

Moreover, it will connect freight delivery services & collection points and integrate all freight delivery requirements into urban planning.

To test its effectiveness, SENATOR will be validated both in Dublin and in Zaragoza (Spain).

The initiative is being developed by an international consortium of 10 partners from 5 different European countries, including the Dublin City Council, An Post and University College Dublin, and is coordinated by the Spanish Postal Operator, Correos.

SENATOR will work to achieve sustainable cities: to minimize the negative impacts that freight delivery causes and to constitute an effective means of collaboration between agents.


Press contacts:

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