Innovation in Urban Logistics: Insights from TRA 2024 Session

In the dynamic world of urban logistics, collaboration between public and private sectors has emerged as a beacon of innovation. This synergy was vividly on display during a special session at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 in Dublin, titled “Innovation in Urban Logistics: Public and Private Sectors Thriving Together.”

On Tuesday, April 16th, SENATOR, alongside esteemed partners from the Civitas Initiative such as the URBANE, DISCO, GREEN-LOG, LEAD, and DECARBOMILE Projects, took center stage. Together, they exemplified the collaborative spirit driving progress in urban logistics.

TRA’s special sessions serve as more than just forums; they are vibrant hubs for researchers to delve into critical issues. This session, in particular, was dedicated to sharing successes and challenges from EU-funded R&I projects, all aimed at realizing the ambitious goal of zero-emission urban freight transport.

The discussions were insightful, as participants delved into pioneering strategies, presented successful case studies, and analyzed valuable lessons. The ultimate aim? To foster a collective vision for sustainable urban transportation, where zero-emission freight transport isn’t just a distant goal, but an attainable outcome.

Reflecting on Progress: SENATOR Platform and Living Labs

At the core of these discussions lies SENATOR’s crucial role. In the face of unprecedented urban logistics challenges, proactive collaboration has become imperative. SENATOR, in conjunction with its counterparts, has been pivotal in fostering partnerships with city authorities, logistics service providers, and innovation developers.

As a speaker during the special session “Innovation in Urban Logistics: Public and Private Sectors Thriving Together”, Ángela Nuñez Gonzalez, SENATOR’s project coordinator from Correos, shared valuable insights into the platform’s journey, shedding light on our experiences, achievements, and lessons learned in urban logistics.

“Data sharing and data integration among different logistic companies is the biggest challenge we are facing in the project at this moment. Cooperation among city councils and competitors who share the same spaces, will help the common objective of having cleaner, better cities in the future”, points out Ángela Núñez European sustainability project manager at Correos and SENATOR project coordinator. “TRA event plays a pivotal role in fostering the necessary collaboration between companies and public authorities”.

Central to these partnerships are living labs, dynamic spaces where collaboration thrives. Fueled by cutting-edge technologies like digital twins and the Physical Internet, these labs serve as testing grounds for innovative solutions. From optimizing delivery routes to integrating zero-emission vehicles, these initiatives are reshaping the urban logistics landscape.

“We see the cooperation between companies and local authorities as instrumental in shaping the future of urban logistics. This collaborative effort holds the key to creating more efficient cities. Moreover, by embracing digitalization and integrating new technological solutions, we can optimize the utilization of urban space. For instance, our smart parking initiatives, currently underway in urban living labs, exemplify this approach. These initiatives leverage sensors for effective space management, implement digital kerbside management, and establish booking systems for loading and unloading areas”, ads Núñez

Pilar Elejoste, representing DEUSTO, and Ángela Núñez, representing Correos, stand beside the SENATOR project poster at TRA 2024.

As we reflect on the insights gleaned from TRA 2024, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the journey towards sustainable urban logistics is well underway. Through collaborative efforts and relentless innovation, we are charting a course towards a future where cities flourish, businesses thrive, and our planet prospers.


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