Introducing our new “Success Stories” section: Inspiring sustainable mobility solutions

Discover the best practices in sustainable mobility making a difference

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest website feature – the “Success Stories” section, dedicated to spotlighting remarkable achievements in the realm of sustainable mobility and transport solutions.

Our collection of examples encompasses both ongoing and past EU projects, most of them part of the Civitas Initiative, of which SENATOR is part. This initiative works to make sustainable and smart urban mobility a reality for all in Europe and beyond.

These case studies are valuable resources that offer insights into effective strategies, innovative approaches, and lessons learned. By sharing these successes, we aim to foster an environment of knowledge exchange that will drive the advancement of future EU projects in the field of sustainable mobility, as well as shed light on the extraordinary work being done across Europe.

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation. Explore our new “Success Stories” section and be inspired by the remarkable individuals, organizations, and projects that are shaping the future of sustainable mobility and transport.

Visit the SENATOR website today and witness the power of real success in action.

Visit the succes stories section

If you believe that your project has a compelling success story that deserves to be showcased, we invite you to participate. Contact our Dissemination and Communication team through the following contact:

Ana Lumbreras



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