The pivotal and frequently demanding nature of the data collection phase within a research project in an underestimated aspect in industry and research. This phase serves as the cornerstone for the entire research endeavor and has a substantial influence on the quality and sustainability of research outcomes, particularly when dealing with AI applications.

SENATOR’s partner Dr. Frank Werner from Software AG shared these insights during his presentation as a distinguished guest speaker at the Canadian Embassy as part of the ITEA PO Days 2023 event in Berlin. Often, both industrial and research projects fail to adequately safeguard the entirety of the data collection process, resulting in consequences that can prove challenging to rectify later on.

Before an audience comprising representatives from Canadian software companies, Dr. Werner delved into the subject of data complexity in his presentation titled “From the Complexity of Dealing with Data in Research and AI“. During this discourse, he provided practical illustrations drawn from the SENATOR research project to underscore the significance of leveraging cutting-edge technology for privacy preservation while still retaining the inherent data patterns and enabling the application of machine learning techniques.


ITEA PO Days 2023

Date: 11 September 2023.
More info: ITEA PO Days 2023


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