Join the SENATOR Team in Shaping the Future of Logistics in Dublin

Participate in the Call for Experts to Identify Suitable Locations for Parcel Lockers and Loading Bays

We are seeking experts in transport, logistics, supply chain management, warehouse operations, and last-mile delivery to help identify the best locations for parcel lockers and loading bays in the city.

Why take part?

Your expertise and insights are crucial in empowering city administrators to make informed planning choices that benefit everyone. This call for experts aims to ensure the proper positioning of logistic facilities that is technically correct and shared by stakeholders. By mapping stakeholders’ and experts’ preferences, the participatory planning choices of city administrators will be aided, and new input data will be provided for the ICT Platform developed within SENATOR. This initiative will ultimately lead to greater efficiency and use by both operators and the public.

“Collaboration is a key driver of success, and by working together, we can create innovative solutions that benefit our communities. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in this call for experts as their valuable insights and ideas can help identify the best locations for parcel lockers and loading bays, resulting in improved efficiency and convenience in our daily lives”- Yuri Calleo, University College Dublin.

How to participate in the call for experts

Using the Real-Time Geo-Spatial Consensus System platform (, you can easily share your expertise and opinions on suitable locations for these facilities. You can interact with other experts’ responses anonymously.

  1. Please, access the platform here and insert your email (note that the research team will approve your email by verifying your expertise first).
  2. From the left section, select a question based on your expertise (e.g., Please, indicate with a point on the map… Proper locations for loading bays in Dublin).
  3. Once you select the question, insert a point on the map based on your opinion and select the priority of your judgment. Once you entered your spatial answer, click your point in order to add a comment and motivate your answer.
  4. You can see the radius move, shrink, or expand based on the responses of other experts (consensus), which you can comment on and interact with (anonymously) by clicking on any pin. For each question, you can select more than one pin, and add more than one comment.
  5. If you want to add other information that does not affect the consensus radius of the experts or you want to outline areas you can use the tools “descriptive layer” and “polygon”, to add the desired information by inserting a pin or a polygon on the map.
  6. In the attachment section, you can find documents and information about the background and the progress of the study.

Once this phase is completed, we will update you on the process, to ask you – in relation to the questions obtained – to access the platform and confirm or modify your opinion based on the answers and comments of the other experts.

For any information, visit the FAQ page: or contact us at:

Join the call for experts today and share your valuable opinions with us to help shape a more efficient and convenient future for everyone in Dublin!


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