SENATOR partners meet in Zaragoza to make progress on the Urban Living Lab

Correos, Deusto and Zaragoza held a meeting where they visited the San Vicente de Paul market, site where the project will be evaluated


Zaragoza City Council + Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento, Correos and Deusto met in Zaragoza last Thursday 25th November to advance the development of the Urban Living Lab to be located in the Spanish city.

At the session, these SENATOR partners involved in the project’s work package 5On-demand sustainable urban planning and living labs” delved into the Zaragoza use case. Moreover, the meeting was essential for the implementation of WP3ICT platform integration and services implementation“.

  • On the one hand, the project will work to provide the city with a better regulation of public parking space dedicated to deliveries. This will allow, for example, drivers to reserve the parking spaces for their deliveries in advance, or city officials to better control the use of these spaces.
  • On the other hand, SENATOR will provide better organisation of last-mile deliveries around Zaragoza’s public markets. This will boost the business of local shop owners by giving them the means to jointly create and use online shopping platforms, specially adapted to local customers. Work will also be done to redesign the logistics around the markets to promote sustainable deliveries and a better allocation of public space. This includes the installation of smart infrastructure in markets to enable the implementation, testing and dissemination of different policies to address freight operations.


The meeting was also attended by members of Zaragoza Esencial, which seeks to improve the city’s business and socio-economic environment through innovation. Among other things, they support businesses and provide them with an online marketplace.

Finally, the SENATOR partners also had the opportunity to visit the San Vicente de Paul market, the site where the Urban Living Lab is planned to be installed.

The meeting was framed in work packages 3 and 5:

  • WP3 is led by the Univeristy of Deusto, and it includes the design, development and integration of the ICT components that constitute the SENATOR platform.  Moreover, they work to develop and implement the global Dashboard of the platform SENATOR including a visualization tool supported on open source GIS.
  • WP5 is led by Correos and focuses on the specifications and requirements of the Living Labs. The objective is to test, evaluate and demonstrate the feasibility, effectiveness, sustainability and suitability of each of the Urban Living Labs deliverables as EU use cases. They will serve to validate the SENATOR multi-collaborative smart grid as a 360° integrated solution and a new way of understanding urban planning.

The meeting was a good opportunity to share experiences around SENATOR and to continue working towards the success of the project. The regular meetings that are organised in the framework of the project between the participants of the different WPs are essential to ensure the project progress, as well as to foster collaboration and exchange of information.


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