Empowering local markets: Driving the implementation of the SENATOR platform in Zaragoza

Collaborative workshops foster innovation and sustainability for last-mile delivery

In an effort to drive successful implementation of the SENATOR platform, the Social Innovation team of Zabala Innovation, in collaboration with Zaragoza City Council, organized two workshops with different local markets in Zaragoza (Spain). These sessions aimed to identify the barriers that local markets might face in adopting the SENATOR platform and understand their specific needs.

SENATOR workshops in Zaragoza. Author: Zaragoza City Council

Piloting innovation in Zaragoza: testing, readjusting, and improving SENATOR solutions

SENATOR chose Zaragoza, together with Dublin, as pilot sites to test, readjust, and improve SENATOR’s solutions to fit the changing real-life environment at a small scale within the urban setting. These pilot programs enable the team to fine-tune the platform’s functionalities and ensure its seamless integration with the local market ecosystem.

Driving dynamism and environmental sustainability at San Vicente de Paúl market

At the San Vicente de Paúl market, Zaragoza City Council, market retailers and Etopia, an innovation and digital culture center in Zaragoza, gathered to identify perceived needs and barriers among different stakeholders, seeking ways to revitalize local markets. The objective is to onboard them onto platforms like SENATOR, enabling organized last-mile delivery with reduced environmental impact. By collaborating with SENATOR, these stakeholders have an opportunity to embrace a more efficient and environmentally friendly delivery service.Workshop in San Vicente de Paúl market in Zaragoza. Author: Zaragoza City Council

Fostering Collaboration and Overcoming Pain Points at Mercado Central

The session held at Mercado Central brought together key project partners and local stakeholders to initiate a conversation about the future implementation of the SENATOR platform and identify pain points. Participants included representatives from Mercado Central retailers, GeosLab application developers, Correos as project coordinators and delivery responsibles, Zaragoza’s City Council, and Etopia. This brainstorming session aimed to identify ways to engage more local players in online shopping while optimizing last-mile delivery.

Senator offers a great opportunity for local market stakeholders to have a more efficient delivery service. Currently operating on an individual basis with their clients, the adoption of the SENATOR platform would enable them to operate in a more structured and environmentally cleaner way. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, local market stakeholders can enhance their delivery services while minimizing their carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Workshop in Mercado Central in Zaragoza. Author: Zaragoza City Council

Towards successful platform implementation and social well-being

These workshops provided an excellent opportunity for local stakeholders and SENATOR project partners to establish stronger relationships and mutual understanding. With the joint commitment of all involved parties, we anticipate overcoming the identified barriers and working towards a successful platform implementation that not only contributes to social cohesion and well-being but also safeguards the environment.

SENATOR project partners visting Mercado Central in Zaragoza. Author: Zaragoza City Council

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