Sustainable mobility, the focus of the first edition of the Global Mobility Call 2022

Global Mobility Call 2022

SENATOR will be presented on 15 June at GMC 2022 in a session by Correos, Zaragoza and An Post


The SENATOR project will participate on 15 June in the Global Mobility Call (GMC) 2022, a major event on sustainable mobility that integrates all participants in the new mobility ecosystem. It is the largest platform that brings together all sectors involved in developing sustainable mobility, gathering international leaders in IFEMA in Madrid with a multi-sector and cross-sectional programme.

The event will be attended by personalities such as Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain; Michio Kaku, scientist and futurist; Jeffrey Sachs, economist and sustainability expert; Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; among others; institutions such as the EU, IDB, WHO, WWF or large private and public companies.

The Global Mobility Call is made up of more than 250 international experts and leaders who will bring to the table the lines of action for new, greener mobility in both large cities and small rural towns. These new avenues of development revolve around innovations in technology and new business ventures in transport and mobility.

One of the objectives of this conference is to raise awareness in the mobility business section of the benefits of the European Next Generation EU funds, to achieve the objectives of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the European Green Deal. The event is also in line with the European Union objectives such as the Demographic Challenge, Agenda 2030, Economic boost, Connectivity and Digitalisation.

Logistics that leaves no one behind

SENATOR has organised a session on 15 June from 11:45 to 12:30 at the GMC on how last-mile logistics conditions mobility and how new urbanism takes into account urban logistics in this new approach. SENATOR will be presented as a case study and example of an innovation project that will be tested in the real environment in the urban living labs of Zaragoza and Dublin. 

The expert panel will be composed of Ángela Núñez from Correos, the Spanish postal operator, Breogan Sánchez from Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento, one of the SENATOR living lab cities, and Aoife O’Connor from An Post, the Irish national postal service. The session will be moderated by Susana Garayoa of Zabala Innovation in the New Urban Planning Forum.

Zaragoza and Dublin, the SENATOR Living Lab cities, were selected to be part of the EU Mission for 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. The project will be tested in these cities to analyse the feasibility of the logistics control tower and measure its economic, environmental and social impact. Speakers at the session, from Zaragoza and Dublin, will detail how SENATOR contributes at the city level and how it fits in with their sustainable development plans. 

The round table will also discuss, among other topics, the lines of action to transform the last mile logistics sector in terms of sustainability and how to improve the quality of life of cities through innovation and public-private partnerships.

SENATOR session agenda- Global Mobility Call 2022

  • Introduction: Current challenges of urban logistics, 100 climate-neutral cities EU Mission, RepowerEU.
  • Presentation of the SENATOR project– Ángela Núñez (project coordinator from Correos)
  • Round table– Moderated by Susana Garayoa (European Institutional Relations and Communication Manager in Zabala Innovation)
    • Ángela Núñez- CORREOS. Sustainability European projects coordinator. Sustainable mobility.
    • Breogan Sanchez- ZARAGOZA CITY OF KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION. Smart City Projects Coordinator Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento.
    • Aoife O’Connor- AN POST (Irish National Postal Service) Environmental Management Project Executive.
  • Closing, remarks and Q&A 

A new sustainable mobility industry 

The Global Mobility Call, celebrated from 14 to 16 June at IFEMA MADRID, aims to integrate all sectors involved in the redefinition of the sustainable mobility of the future, as well as to showcase content that includes all of the cross-sectional themes contained within this activity.

The event is organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, and backed by the Spanish Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda, with the collaboration of the ministries of Green Transition and Demographic Challenge; Industry, Commerce and Tourism; the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council. 

A total of 26 sponsors, 33 national industry associations and 12 international associations have joined the project, and over 7,000 trade professionals are expected to participate.

The distinguishing feature of the Global Mobility Call is its intersectional character, which seeks not only to show the future of transport beyond innovations in the automotive sector but also to create synergies with all the actors involved: from insurance companies to the technology developers and programmers that will make this change possible.

In order to seek these synergies, in addition to having all the panellists and speakers, there will be five major forums representing the five priorities of the transformation of the sector

  • Tech, Data & Innovation
  • New Urban Planning
  • Economic Development & regulation
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Future Society

Moreover, the GMC will not end on 16 June, the day on which the doors of IFEMA MADRID will close to bid farewell to this first edition. Global Mobility Call will remain active during the following days through its digital platform Live Connect. In this way, it will be possible to continue the links and relationships that have been established in Madrid and significantly expand its international reach throughout the year.


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