Urban Logistics Innovation Day

Urban Logistics Innovation Day, the final event organized by our sister project LEAD, will be held in Brussels on 26 September. We are excited to announce that SENATOR will participate in Session II, focusing on the discussion of Urban Space. Payal Pandya, the SENATOR Project Manager from Dublin City Council, will share their experience from the SENATOR Dublin Urban Living Lab, specifically regarding urban space optimization and alignment with sustainable urban logistics.

With the increasing demand for e-commerce and business activities in cities, the challenge to decarbonise urban freight transport has become crucial. Innovation plays a key role in enabling sustainable urban logistics and meeting sustainability goals. This event aims to bring together innovation practitioners in the urban logistics sector, connecting ongoing innovative projects, and facilitating dialogue between public and private sectors to improve sustainability.

The event will take place at COMET Louise, and is organised in cooperation with ALICE-ETP and POLIS. It will bring together other urban logistics innovative projects, to showcase innovative solutions. It will also include live demonstrations of the digital innovative solutions for Digital Twins and Urban Logistics planning developed by LEAD.

We invite you to consult the draft programme and mark the event in your calendar. Don’t miss this opportunity to register and be a part of this exciting event!

Registration link here.


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