Joining forces to create a EU portal for Innovative Transport & Clean Mobility Solutions


RECIPROCITY is a European project aiming at transforming European cities into climate-resilient and connected, multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility. How? RECIPROCITY is equipping at least 20 cities across Europe, of varying size and mobility demand, with the necessary tools, knowledge, contacts and methods to accelerate the replication of existing innovative mobility solutions. To this end, RECIPROCITY is employing a four-stage replication framework, helping cities and municipalities to:

  1. IDENTIFY the right innovative mobility solutions together with all relevant mobility stakeholders and citizens.
  2. LEARN about requirements, processes and skills needed to put these innovative mobility solutions into action.
  3. ACCELERATE the implementation of these solutions through guidance and matchmaking for business and finance.
  4. SHARE and build upon lessons learned and best practices to enable fast replication on a wide scale.

KEY ACTIVITIES: A success story

RECIPROCITY, in collaboration with ENTRANCE project, launched a European portal for innovative transports and clean mobility solutions (ARRIVAL, This is a multifunctional matchmaking platform that facilitates immediate access to relevant information and services to support buyers and innovators of technologies in the implementation and replication of smart and clean mobility solutions. ARRIVAL offers a common and legitimate European matchmaking platform and complementary off-line services designed to:

  • equip mobility stakeholders with tools, knowledge, contacts and methods to accelerate the replication of existing innovative mobility solutions.
  • mobilise financial resources to accelerate market access and scale up “first-of-a-kind” sustainable transport solutions.

ARRIVAL brings together stakeholders, including innovators, investors, policy makers, and end-users, from the “supply-demand-finance” triangle in the entire transport and mobility sector, including all transport means and modes to facilitate the development and adoption of sustainable transport solutions. ARRIVAL is free and available for anyone involved in the transport and mobility sector who is interested in promoting and adopting sustainable transport solutions.

ARRIVAL was designed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport solutions and reduce CO2 emissions and pollutants caused by transport and mobility sectors. This is aligned with the European Green Deal’s objectives to tackle climate and environmental related challenges. The EU Green Deal is an integral part of the European Commission’s strategy to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development goals which provide a global blueprint to ensure sustainability for all. Mobility is a central element inherent in these plans. This includes to make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. To meet this goal, access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems needs to be established.

Collaboration was key to develop ARRIVAL platform, as it combines forces of two EU- funded projects and show how synergies between EU-funded initiatives can enhance outcomes. To merged with ENTRANCE platform, the partners of both projects organised several meetings to be aligned in the objectives, target and responsibilities. Additionally, an exploitation workshop was organised with partners of both projects to explore exploitation and dissemination routes.

Joining our forces with RECIPROCITY allowed them to:

  • Create a larger network of users through combined efforts and outreach to increase impact of the platform for the community;
  • Enrich user-experience of the community during and beyond the end of the projects;
  • Optimise resources and increase the sustainability of the tool; and
  • Contribute to EU’s vision of more collaboration and, thus, have a greater impact of project results.

ENTRANCE and RECIPROCITY have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreements N°101006681 and N°101006576, respectively.

“Collaboration is key to foster the implementation of innovative transports and clean mobility solutions. With ARRIVAL, we do not only provide our stakeholders a multifunctional matchmaking platform, but also exemplify what collaboration means and how it can help achieve a common goal faster and even increase the outreach of the action.”

Anne Häner
Project Coordinator of RECIPROCITY

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