University College Dublin (Ireland)

University College Dublin is one of Europe’s leading research‐intensive universities. Today UCD is Ireland’s largest and most diverse university with over 30,000 students, drawn from approximately 124 countries.

The School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy (APEP), involved in the project, combines academic with professional education and the creation of knowledge with its application in the real world. Each discipline draws on the approaches and techniques of the others and is enriched by this interaction while maintaining its own integrity.

The research clusters in each School are interdisciplinary in nature with a wide variety of theoretical approaches, involving academics with a diversity of backgrounds, principally in the areas of design and planning, city‐making and place‐making, GIS and urban modelling, sociology, public health, regional and urban planning, transport planning, surveying and urban economics, and environmental economics. The UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab, funded in 2017, has experience in other four H2020 projects, as well as in several national projects.


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